About Us

Dragonforge Press is publishing company that produces fantasy and sci fi entertainment products in both the physical and digital markets.  Roleplaying supplements, adventures, campaign settings, maps, artwork, music, sound effects, video games, board games and physical terrain are just some of what you will find here.  We are gamers and creative souls at heart and this is first and foremost a labor of love. In most cases we’ll price everything as low as we possibly can because we don’t want anyone to miss out on what we have to share! We’ll also offer an opportunity for those who love what we do to contribute a little more to help keep the products flowing.

We’ll always endeavor to create products you will be proud to own! The first books that are scheduled for release are the “Mistworlds Campaign Setting Guidebook” for D&D 5e and the “Mistworlds Players Guide” for D&D 5e. Both products are in the art and layout phase and will most likely be released in 3nd quarter 2017.

Two separate music albums have already been released; Journey Into The Sacred Places and Journey Into The Dark Places
The website is still somewhat clumsy as we are concentrating our efforts to finish the Mistworlds Campaign Setting book as fast as possible. We promise that once the book goes to print we’ll spend some serious time and effort into getting the site finalized and easier to navigate. For now this is going to have to be sufficient.